Shield the Vulnerable

This will be the new requirement for all families starting with the 2016-2017 school year. All parents are required to take the Shield the Vulnerable training course and turn in the certificate of completion. This is a free online course provided by the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Please click the link and follow instruction!

25 Ways to ask your child "How was school today"?

Follow this link to find out how to get more information from your child about their day at school. This extends beyond preschool and you can use these questions with your kids in any grade. 

Free Developmental Screening: Watch me grow! 

Watch me grow has a plethora of resources available for your little one and your entire family. They assist in special needs assessments, and provide strategies to help children learn and grown in their development. 

Parenting and child observation classes:

Before attending All Souls, or if you and your child have open schedules, South San Francisco Adult School offers child/parent classes. This is a great opportunity to observe how your child plays with others, and provides parenting skills. 

Lunch Box Ideas! 

Are you stumped on ideas of what to pack your child for lunch or snack? Check out this link for snack and lunch ideas! 

School Uniforms

During the school year, preschoolers are required to wear uniforms. Follow this link for the location and phone number to get your uniform. 

Grand Avenue Library card application

The Grand Avenue Library is directly across the street from the school. There will be times during the school year where we will be taking field trips to the library, with the possibility for your child to check out a book. 

Archdiocese of San Francisco Preschool Curriculum

This is a guide for planning our everyday preschool activities. 

What to do with your preschooler at home: The Stay at home Survival Guide

This website provides ideas of activities and projects that you can do at home with your little one. Things you can do for long weekends, vacations, and any days that you spend at home together. 

Age Appropriate Chores

If you think that your child is not much help when it comes to cleaning up and house work, think again! Check out great ideas to ask your child for help at any age from 2yrs to 12+yrs. 

Parents Education Network

This is a collaboration between parents and teachers to work together in bringing academic and life success to children with learning and attention differences.